Tenant Policies

These policies promote tenant and visitor safety, efficient operations, and building preservation.

After-hours Access

After-hours access is through the 4th Street center (non-revolving) doors. Employees are required to present picture identification and sign-in at the Security Desk unless they have an access card. Employees with an access card can enter through the 3rd Avenue entrance and are not required to sign-in. Employees must have access cards or keys to enter their own offices. MBC staff will not let employees into offices without prior approval. Employees should lock their office doors when working after hours.

A department holding an after-hours public meeting is required to notify the MBC at least five days prior to the meeting date. A department representative must check-in and escort after-hours visitors beyond the ground floor.

Construction by Outside Vendors

The MBC must approve all construction conducted within the City Hall and Courthouse and be notified at least 48 hours in advance. Outside construction vendors are not allowed to use MBC equipment, services or resources without prior written approval. Departments will be charged if MBC staff assist outside vendors.


City and County departments must have deliveries mailed or shipped directly to their offices. The MBC will not accept deliveries or shipments or hold items at the Security Desk. All deliveries must fit through the front door and couriers must use their own equipment. For mailing or shipment instructions, contact the City Mail Room located in Room B27 (612-673-2481) or the County Mail Room at the Hennepin County Government Center, A-0320 (612-348-5117).

Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances may pose a fire hazard, and threaten the health and safety of tenants and visitors. To ensure a safe working environment, the following guidelines apply: Expand

Flag Policy

The United States flag will fly at full mast unless ordered by the President of the United States or the Governor of Minnesota to lower it to half-mast.

Freight Elevator

The MBC will only issue keys to employees and contractors whose job duties require using the freight elevator. Temporary use of the freight elevator is available through the MBC Security Desk located in the building Rotunda. Users must have valid identification and check-out a freight elevator key, which must be returned the same day.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigation

The MBC will investigate environmental conditions that may cause health symptoms or prolonged discomfort. A tenant should complete the IAQ questionnaire to begin the process. The MBC will conduct an initial assessment and may hire an independent contractor to assess, measure, and test the air for contaminants.

Key Requests

Tenants must request a key to their office through their department’s designated Key Control Liaison. Employees are responsible for proper use and control of their keys and must immediately report lost or stolen keys to the department Liaison. Duplicating, altering, or transferring keys is prohibited.

Lost & Found

Hennepin County Security is responsible for all lost and found items.

Tenants can inquire at the 4th Street security desk or call 612-348-5111 for assistance. Most items are stored for up to 180 days and then disposed according to security procedures. Please turn-in unattended or lost property to the 4th Street security desk or call 612-348-5111 for assistance. Do not leave the property where found in hopes that the owner returns to find it. This method leaves items susceptible to removal by persons other than the owner and fails to return property to the rightful owner.

Posting Signs

Tenants may only post signs about City or County events and employee retirements in elevator lobby areas. Signs promoting private businesses are prohibited. Only blue painters’ tape is permitted and available in room 105 for posting signs. MBC staff will remove signs posted with other tapes due to potential damage to marble and painted surfaces, especially Scotch® Tape. MBC staff will remove signs by the Rotunda elevators prior to evening and/or weekend events but will not rehang them.


The designated smoking area is located next to the 4th Street Entrance. Ashtrays and benches are available in the two recessed areas on each side of the building entrance. Smoking inside the building is strictly prohibited.

Temperature Settings

The building’s indoor temperature is maintained at 69 to 75 degrees weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Heating and air-conditioning are lowered during weekends and after hours. Tenants working outside of normal hours should contact, MBC Services or (612) 596-9512, at least 24-hours in advance to have their office temperatures maintained at normal levels. Contact MBC Services or (612) 596-9512 for immediate temperature adjustment, if necessary.

Full Electrical Appliances policy:

Strictly prohibited under the Fire Code:

  1. Electric coffee warmers, personal heating units, humidifiers, air cleaners, and fans;
  2. Flat-wire extensions cords; and
  3. Plugging approved extension cords or multi-outlet/power strips into another one.


  1. Underwriters Laboratory (UL)-rated electrical appliances and lamps. The MBC encourages the purchase of ENERGY STAR®appliances to reduce energy usage without compromising quality, features, or performance.
  2. UL- or FM-rated extension cords, if approved by the MBC.


  1. Food appliances and refrigerators must be used in designated break, kitchenette, coffee stations or lunch areas. Examples are coffee makers, popcorn poppers, toasters, toaster ovens, and microwaves.
  2. Appliances must be plugged directly into wall outlets and never left unattended while in operation.
  3. Each coffee maker must have, or be plugged into, its own manual “on”-automatic-“off” timing device that discontinues the flow of electricity within four hours.
  4. Floor and desk lamps must be plugged into a manual “on”-automatic-“off” timing device that discontinues the flow of electricity within 10 hours.

Tenant Responsibilities:

  1. Notify the MBC immediately of problems with electrical appliances, particularly, a burnt cord or electrical short.
  2. Purchase manual “on”-automatic-“off” timing devices, if necessary.
  3. Visually check electrical appliances quarterly to ensure that the appliance, cord, electrical plug and timer are in good condition and operating properly.
  4. Contact the MBC for permission to use an otherwise prohibited electrical appliance.

MBC has the authority to:

  1. Remove prohibited or non-compliant electrical appliances and extension cords.
  2. Issue a written warning that requests a Tenant to remove such appliances. If the tenant does not comply, MBC staff will remove and store the item(s) for one week in a designated secure area. Unclaimed property will be recycled or disposed of accordingly.
  3. Restore loss of power as staff time permits when caused by electrical appliances, heating units, fans or extension cords.