Building Timeline

  • Cornerstone is laid

    The cornerstone is laid at a Masonic ceremony with speeches by Mayor Philip B. Winston and Frank F. Davis, a prominent Minneapolis attorney. County periodicals and papers related to city and county business and construction are placed in the cornerstone.

  • Granite

    The last piece of granite, weighing three tons, is set in place in the cornice of the northeast turret of the clock tower.

  • Windows of art glass

    Ford Brothers Glass Company contracts to make and install windows of art glass in the rotunda at five dollars per square foot.

  • Expansion of the vaults

    The city and county plan expansion of the vaults in the Fourth Street tower of the City Hall and Courthouse.

  • County Courtrooms

    The county courtrooms are remodeled.

  • Mezzanine

    A mezzanine is inserted between the third and fourth floors on the city side, dropping the city council chamber ceiling to one-third its original height.

  • A set of porcelain steel clock faces

    A set of porcelain steel clock faces with stainless steel hands is installed in the main tower, and the numerals and hands are outlined with neon tubing.

  • Copper roof

    A copper roof weighing 180,000 pounds is installed in place of the original Spanish tile.

  • Courtrooms

    New courtrooms are created in unused space on the fifth floor and the tower clock is rebuilt.

  • City council chamber

    The city council chamber and offices are remodeled for the second time, to the plans of Bertil Fasth.

  • Building

    The building is sandblasted and tuck-pointed.

  • Air conditioning

    Air conditioning is installed on the ground floor.

  • All-electric system

    The pneumatic bell-chiming system is replaced by an all-electric system, and a fifteenth bell is added.

  • Jail intake

    A new jail intake area and a security garage are built.

  • Glassed-in rotunda

    The Fifth Street entry is altered to accommodate a two-story, glassed-in rotunda and a tunnel to the new Government Center.

  • Expansion

    The fifth-floor jail undergoes major expansion.

  • Emergency Communications/911 Center

    The sub-basement is remodeled for the Emergency Communications/911 Center

  • Building's mechanical and life safety systems upgrade

    The MBC begins upgrading the building’s mechanical and life safety systems in 23 stages. The project will be completed in 2021.

  • City Council Chambers are restored

    The City Council Chambers are restored to their original 1923 appearance.

  • Rotunda

    The Rotunda's buckling stained glass windows are repaired, the marble is cleaned, and historic-style lighting fixtures are installed.

  • Clock

    The Clock's hands are refurbished, the dial gears rebuilt, and a master clock unit installed to automatically set the time by GPS signal.

  • Courtyard

    A 5,000 square-foot green roof is installed in the interior courtyard to help control storm water drainage.

  • 4th street entrance

    The building name and construction start date (1889 or ADMDCCCLXXXIX) were carved above the 4th Street entrance.

  • Clock Faces

    The Clock Faces are completely restored to their original glass appearence with backlighting.