MBC Souvenirs

The MBC sells four items celebrating the historic Minneapolis City Hall and Hennepin County Courthouse. Items may be purchased at the MBC office in room 105 on a cash only basis. Please call the MBC at 612-596-9512 with questions regarding the items or to check availability.

  1. Municipal Monument book ($10) is a detailed history of the building. Starting with the initial planning process and continuing through the building's centennial in 1991, author Paul Clifford Larson covers both the major stages of the building’s construction and the minor details that make the building’s story a Minneapolis favorite.

  2. MBC Pin ($2) features the iconic clock tower and building logo on a 1" x 1" tack pin.

  3. Municipal Building Plate ($30) is an individually numbered, limited-edition pewter plate with the date of the cornerstone’s laying.

  4. A set of seven postcards ($1) are reprinted historic painted postcards of the building and Father of Waters statue.